Dog Eye Discharge


As a dog owner, anything that would show a sign of discomfort to your dog will ache your heart.

Something as normal as regular hair shedding can make you feel the need to see the vet.

But relax; a few things are absolutely normal in dog breeds.

One of them is dog eye discharge.

Let me explain to you what exactly dog eye discharge is.

What Does Eye Discharge Mean?

If your dog is observed to have sticky dry salts at the end of its cornea or any watery mushy mucus after a good nap is said to be discharged from a dog’s eye.

Generally, it is a common phenomenon observed in almost all dog breeds.

But anything different or excessive can raise your concern.

There are different types of discharges your dog may suffer from.

Below are the 5 types of discharges commonly observed in breeds.

What Are The Different Types Of Eye Discharges?

watery dog eye

The Eye-boogers: Gunk or Crust:

You may observe that your little one may have some mucus-like particles around the corner of the eye.

This may be black or brown in color.

They are often dry and rough and easily shed away with gentle finger touch.

You don’t need to worry about this.

It is a healthy sign of dust particles or tiny air substances getting cleared away from the eye.

All you need is to clear it with a clean cotton ball daily.

Remember that your dog will not allow you to touch his eyes and this need to be done gently and slowly.

However, excessive discharge of mucus may seem harmful to the dog and your vet must be called to check for any major problem.

Excessively Watery Eyes:

A wet eye with thick mucus in the dog is possibly a sign of tearing.

In this type of Dog eye discharge, the eye would discharge sticky greyish colored mucus that would stick to the fur around the eye.

Maintaining daily hygiene and wiping off the water droplets with a clean cotton ball can prevent any possible eye disease.

Make sure cleaning both the eyes with two different cotton balls to avoid any infection.

If the tearing and watering get excessive, it can lead to eye diseases like epiphora, glaucoma, corneal infection, etc.

One must get its dog’s eye checked regularly by a qualified vet to prevent major treatments.

Grey Thick Mucus Discharge:

Grey thick mucus is a discharge that is usually formed due to a disease named keratoconjunctivitis sicca or KCS.

The disease attacks the immune system of a dog breed which stops the tearing or any other formation of water in the eye.

Due to this, the body produces thick grey colored greasy mucus to lubricant the eye.

This discharge may force your dog to constantly rub its eyes due to the retinal irritation.

Taking the right treatment from the veterinarian can avoid ulcer and chances of severe damage and blindness.

Yellow-Green Coloured Eye Discharge:

Yellow, green or any other color discharge from a dog’s eye is a sign of eye infection and consult a vet for the same is a must.

Lack of water or dust particles entering the eye can cause an eye infection.

Apart from this, irritation in the respiratory tract of the dog can also cause the infection.

 In the last section of this article, we have mentioned a few home remedies to cure the yellow-green eye discharge.

Red-Brown Strain Mucus Discharge:

A few dog breeds are noticed to have a particular discharge that is red or brown in color.

This occurs due to a pigment named porphyrin.

The eye develops a red-brown color due to strain in the eye from the exposure of the external air.

Daily hygienic cleaning of the area around the eye can reduce this effect.

However, if the discharge does not decrease, the vet needs to be consulted.

Causes of Dog Eye Discharge

infection to dog eyes

Infection and Allergies:

Allergies and infections caused by a particular ointment or shampoo/soap can scratch the eye of a dog.

This can result in unnecessary discharge from the sensitive organ.

Dry Eye:

Dogs having dry eyes are likely to have watery discharge to lubricant the eye.

It is a necessary function of the body to keep the eyes hydrated.

Excessive Blinking Of The Eye:

If a dog is used to blink its eyes often, the eyes would respond by forming and discharging mucus near the ends of the eyes.

Long Naps:

If your dog is seen with mucus and thick discharge at the end of its cornea, sit back and relax.

It’s only because the eyes have been closed for a longer time than usual.

Vitamin Deficiency:

Vitamin deficiency is a result of lower nutritional value in the diet of a dog.

This indirectly causes the eye to discharge which is a sign of concern to the dog owner.


Dogs are prone to a number of viruses due to their way of living.

As a result, they are easy targets of diseases like distemper, hepatitis, etc.

This too can be one of the reasons why eyes tend to fragile and discharge. 

Is Dog Eye Discharge Preventable?

Yes. Preventing fluid discharge from your loved one’s eyes is possible.

Just a few routine works daily and your dog is likely to have healthy eyes.

Warm Water Wash:

Lukewarm water wash given to the dog is one of the best ways to prevent eye discharge at home.

It keeps the sensitive eyes of the dog dust free.

Eye Grooming:

Pet owners must take out special time for the care and grooming of the eyes of their dog.

Trimming of hair around the eyes and clearing away the dry mucus is required.

Balanced Diet:

A balanced diet with the right proportions of vitamins, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates will keep your dog healthy and away from any eye problems.

Discourage The Dog From Rubbing and Scratching:

Dogs have the tendency of scratching their body parts.

Their paws are often filthy with can infect the eye if scratched upon.

Hence a dog owner must prevent the canine from any sort of scratching or rubbing.

Eye Drops:

Using eye drops with the prescription given by the vet is a nice idea of maintaining the fluids to lubricant the dog’s eyes and prevent and further discharge.


Steroids of a medium dose are often considered as an option to prevent dogs from body infections or allergies.

They are generally given by injection or by inhalation.


Vaccination is the best precaution from any sort of disease in animals.

Timely vaccination is necessary for the right growth of a dog.

Home Remedies To Treat Dog Eye Discharge

dog eye discharge home remedies

Dog owners prefer treating their dog’s eye naturally at home with herbal methods.

However, before performing any home remedy on the dog, it is advised to consult a qualified vet.

The following are the 7 BEST HOME REMEDIES that can help reduce dog eye discharges

Include Vitamins in the Diet:

Oral intake of vitamins can help your dog get rid of harmful discharges.

This will naturally heal the eyes without any chemical medication.

Saline Solution for Drops:

The most popularly and widely preferred home remedy to cure conjunctivitis is the drop made of saline solution.

All you need to do is take half cup lukewarm water, add ¼ tsp non-iodised salt and stir it for about two minutes.

Wait for this solution to get a bit steady and cool.

 With the help of a dropper, add 2-3 drops of it in the infected eye.

Repeat this daily at least two times a day.

Herbal Solution for Drops:

Herbal remedies are best known for their natural properties.

One herbal way of treating eye discharges is with green tea.

The tea solution can be taken after cooling and used as drops in the eyes of the dog.

The other herbal solution that can be beneficial to the dog is the goldenseal/eyebright/red clover and salt solution.

Just take some warm water and stir it with non-iodized salt and any of the above option.

Use this natural therapy as drop to the eyes of your Dog.

Herbal Solution for Compress:

The above mentioned herbal solution can be used to compress the eye of the dog.

This is safer and will give a soothing feeling to your dog.

Cod Liver Oil Lubrication:

Many families in the west also believe in using cod liver oil as a lubricant for eyes infected with conjunctivitis.

The disease makes the eye dry that cause itchiness and irritation to the eye of the dog.

Cod liver oil would act as a lubricant in this.

Chamomile Tea Solution:

Chamomile tea solutions too are considered a safe home remedy to treat unwanted eye discharges for dogs.

After the tea is prepared, the tea bag can be directly applied to the eye of the dog.

However, any such experiment should be conducted under the guidance of an experienced veterinarian. 

These were a few tips to help your dog have clean shiny eyes for life.

We would love to hear from you on the same.

If you have any suggestions of additions to the article, write down to us in the comment section below.

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Happy petting to you!



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