The Ultimate Puppy Feeding Guide for First-Time and Experienced Dog Owners


Puppy feeding plays a pivotal role in a dog’s physical and mental development journey. A cute and furry little pup attracts the eye and feeling “Aww” is very natural.

But the secret of a puppy being all cute, furry, and healthy lies in puppy food and appropriate puppy feeding. Here, we bring you a puppy feeding guide that will take care of your new puppy and make his journey to adulting a healthy one.

Whether you are a first-time dog owner or an experienced one, you are bound to make some mistakes. In this article, we will make sure that puppy feeding mistakes do not happen.

So, go ahead and scroll through our ultimate puppy feeding guide and understand the importance of feeding a puppy right.

Why A Puppy Feeding Guide Is Essential?

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Why A Puppy Feeding Guide Is Essential

A puppy feeding guide is essential for mainly novice dog owners. First-time dog owners can make a lot of mistakes concerning a puppy’s food. Often, many dog owners don’t know that puppy food is different from adult dog food.

This simple mistake and lack of knowledge can disrupt a puppy’s development. Yet, even with a poorly managed puppy feeding schedule and diet, your pup manages to grow and develop into a well-built adult dog.

The problem only starts up showing as your puppy has gone past his adulting and entered senior age. Some puppies make it good throughout their life without early or newborn puppy feeding precautions. But many are prone to poorly developed bones and digestive system because of no knowledge of feeding a puppy.

Some mistakes can be made by experienced dog owners as well. But as some dogs manage to live a healthy life without proper feeding during their early ages, experienced owners never notice any problem.

Dif>Difference Between Puppy Food and Adult Dog Food

Difference Between Puppy Food and Adult Dog Food

Before jumping right on to a puppy feeding guide dog parents should first understand the difference between puppy food and adult dog food. Many dog owners are completely unaware of the fact that adult dog food and puppy food are absolutely different. Puppies have different and additional nutritional needs than adult dogs.

A puppy and an adult dog are just considered as developing phases of one animal but these phases can make a dog like two different animals. As a responsible dog parent, you have to differentiate between adult dog food and puppy food.

The difference in food starts from a puppy’s expansive need for nutrition than an adult dog. A puppy also has higher energy levels than an adult dog. To maintain their energy, they require more food and more calories.

Calories, protein, fats are all of utmost importance in a puppy’s development. The calorie intake also helps puppies in growing bone strength. This is where all the difference in puppy and adult dog food lies. The number or percentage of nutrients in both the foods is different and thus adult dog food is not suitable for puppies.

Dog food for adult dogs and puppies has different nutrient quantities depending upon their body requirements. Below is a percent wise breakup of nutrients in both puppy and adult dog food:

NutrientPuppy FoodAdult Dog Food

What Fo>What Food Should Puppies Eat?

What Food Should Puppies Eat?