Best Dog Treats for Training: 6 Must-Have Dog Training Treats

training dog with dog training treats

Training dogs can be a difficult task but it needs to be done right if you want them to listen and respect you.

Of all the dog obedience training methods, positive reinforcement is something that works very well with breeds of all types.

The best way to practice positive reinforcement is with the help of dog training treats.

Now, who doesn’t like a bit of a treat now and then? Look at me! I’d eat a tub of sweet treats.

In dog training, treats serve as an integral part and act as rewards for their behavior.

But in a shop full of dog treats and a world full of dog brands, which treat will be good for your dog’s training?

Let’s find out!

1. Pet Botanics Training Rewards for Dogs

pet botanics dog training treats

If you don’t know, dogs are crazy about bacon. They can kill for it, literally!

This means they will do the tricks for you for a soft and bite-sized Pet Botanics Bacon dog training treat.

They are healthy and come in several flavors including beef, chicken, and salmon. However, the primary protein remains Pork Liver.

This is our favorite healthy dog training treat and works wonders.

Each treat has only 3 calories and no artificial preservatives. No corn, no soy, so basically nothing that will harm your dogs.

They are made from natural ingredients like potatoes, dried whole eggs, rosemary, green tea, and a bunch of botanical items.

These dog training treats are so convenient that you can even break these pieces in half, and they will still work great as a training reward for your dog.

Price at time of publishing:$16
Flavors:Bacon, beef, chicken, salmon
Primary Ingredients:Pork liver, pea flour, potatoes, dried whole eggs, glycerin, flaxseed, brown rice
Calories Per Treat:3
Treats Per Package:500

2. Wellness Soft Lamb & Salmon Dog Training Treats

wellness soft puppy bites dog reward treats

Dogs can get motivated and excited at the taste of something new.

Keep experimenting with flavors when it comes to dog training treats. Your dog needs to have a taste of everything and choose one that works with him.

Their taste keeps changing over time, so this is not a one-time process.

Now, it is not just about the flavor of dog training treats; it is also about the texture of the treat.

The best dog treats for training puppies are supposed to be soft and chewier. You don’t want something super hard that may hurt your puppy’s growing teeth.

Wellness Soft Lamb & Salmon treats are a great choice for puppies. They have about 4 calories per treat, but it can be broken down into halves for usage.

It adds to the unique nutritional needs of a growing puppy and is supplemented with good fatty acids for neurological growth.

Price at time of publishing:$14.13
Flavors:Lamb, Salmon, Blueberry, Sweet Potato
Primary Ingredients:Lamb, Salmon, Chickpeas, Ground Potatoes, Vegetable Glycerin, Guar Gum, Carrots, Cane Molasses, Salt, Natural Smoke Flavor, Blueberries, Garlic Powder, Flaxseed, Phosphoric Acid, Sweet Potatoes, Apples, Sorbic Acid (a preservative), Mixed Tocopherols added to preserve freshness, Rosemary Extract, Green Tea Extract, Spearmint Extract
Calories Per Treat:4
Treats Per Package:N/A (6.4 Ounces)

3. Wet Noses Little Stars Dog Training Treats

Wet Noses Little Stars Dog Training Treats

These are crunchy dog training treats good for large, medium, and small dogs alike.

Although these are used as regular treats, they, work great for training dogs too.         

These are small-sized dog training treats that come in more than ten flavors and can become your dog’s favorite instantly.

Wet Noses Little Star dog reward treats are USDA-certified organic and non-GMO verified. They are made without corn, soy, wheat, or dairy, which keeps your dog’s stomach healthy.

And guess what? These dog training treats have your dog’s favorite peanut butter flavor too.

Price at time of publishing:$9/9 ounces
Flavors:Peanut butter, sweet potato | Primary Ingredients: Organic rye flour, organic canola oil, organic peanut butter, organic cane molasses (peanut butter)
Calories Per Treat:1
Treats Per Package: n/a (9 ounces)

4. Vital Essential Minnows Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats

Vital Essential Minnows Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats

With the commercialization and easy availability of dog food and treats, we are slowly altering their biological and natural digestive habits.

Although not all domesticated dogs can live on raw food, they wouldn’t mind a raw treat once in a while in between their homemade dog food.

We often pick random treats without thinking about their value.

As dog parents, it is our responsibility to think about treats on a low-value to high-value scale.

High-value scale dog treats catch your dog’s attention. These are single-ingredient, high-smelling, quality protein treats.

The smellier, the better. It will get your dog jumping, especially when they are inactive or bored.

Exactly how my lazy body comes running to the smell of a dark chocolate brownie.

Vital Essence Minnows Freeze-Dried Treats for dog training is what we are looking for.

No added hormones and antibiotics and 100% frozen raw dog treats; this is heaven for you. It is not much better than your other high-calorie treats.

Price at time of publishing:$24.97
Flavors:Minnows, Turkey, Duck Bites, Beef Liver, Salmon
Primary Ingredients:Minnows
Calories Per Treat:2
Treats Per Package:N/A (2.5 Ounces)

5. Zuke’s Mini Natural Treats for Dog Training

Zuke’s Mini Natural Treats for Dog Training

Zuke’s Mini Naturals is the most affordable and smallest of the lot.

Their size makes them perfect for training, and they come in a whole bunch of dog-favorite flavors.

Chimken, Salmon, Pork, Peanut Butter – you name it!

No fillers, no artificial ingredients, supplemented with fruits, vegetables, ground rice, and barley – this is not just a treat, it is a healthy treat.

They are so soft and chewy that you can make micro-minis out of it!

Trust me, your dog will be up and ready for any action.

Price at time of publishing:$8/6 ounces
Flavors:Chicken, peanut butter and oats, salmon, beef, rabbit, duck, pork, turkey and cranberry, turkey and pumpkin
Primary Ingredients:Peanut butter, rice, water, oats, potatoes, cane sugar (peanut butter and oats)
Calories Per Treat:2
Treats Per Package:N/A (6 ounces)


6. Merrick Oven Baked Patch Dog Training Treats

Merrick Oven Baked Patch Dog Training Treats

Soft treats are great, but you also need dog treats that are better for training hold or any other distance behavior training.

For that, you don’t necessarily need to have a chewy meat treat. You can also go for hard treats like Merrick’s oven Baked Patch Treat.

These are pumpkin-flavored diskits, non-smelly, and low or mid-value treats.

Since these dog training treats do not contain meat, it is safe from allergens and work best as a treat for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities.

However, these treats should preferably be broken into pieces for longer training sessions as each treat contains 20 calories.

Do you want a treat that is easy for your dog to catch? Well, this is it!

Price at time of publishing:$7.5/11 ounces
Primary Ingredients:Oats, Pumpkin, Canola Oil, Natural Flavor
Calories Per Treat:20
Treats Per Package:N/A (11 ounces)

Final Verdict

If we look at all these wonderful flavors and judge them according to the value that each brings, DogIsWorld would claim Pet Botanics and Vital Essentials as the best treats for dog training.

Although dog nutrition is equally well balanced in all 6 dog training treats, it also highly depends on which kind of training you are using it for.

Remember, keep experimenting with flavors to understand your pupper’s favorite.

They know what is best for them and react to it naturally.

Comprehend the dog’s body language, and you will easily be able to figure out which one to go ahead with.

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