Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Have you ever seen a beautiful pair of eyes and wondered about the sheer marvel that nature is? The Australian Shepherd is one such marvel of God’s creation.

Popularly known as the ‘Aussie’, the Australian Shepherds are great ranch dogs. Ranch dogs are dogs that are intentionally bred to look after cattle or herd in a huge farm.

What set the Aussie apart from other dogs are their eyes. Their eyes can be considered as a unique distinguishable characteristic of the Australian shepherd. Their eyes are often a blend of different colors.

Are you thinking to get an Australian Shepherd? Or you already own one? Dig in for more and find out everything you need to know about this wonderful breed.

Australian Shepherd Pictures

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Quick Facts

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Avg. Weight: 55 – 70 lbs (male), 35 – 55 lbs (female)

Avg. Height: 20 – 23 inches (male), 18 – 20 inches (female)

Life Expectancy: 13 – 17 years

Dog Group: Herding Dogs

AKC Rank: 17/193

At A Glance

The Australian shepherd is a medium-sized dog breed. Males and females slightly vary in weight and height.

Male- 40 to 70 lbs. and 19 to 23 inches in height.

Female – 35 to 65 lbs. and 18 to 22 inches in height.

No, not at all, these dogs need a big backyard or garden to play and run around. They are herding dogs meant to be in spacious fields and farms. Apartments can limit their play area.

Oh! This dog is just the best choice for families. They love humans and create strong bonds with their families. Extremely friendly, loving and playful an Australian shepherd will fit just perfect in your family.

An overall friendly breed the Australian shepherd is pretty great with other animals as well. If you have other pet dogs or cats an Aussie is more than likely to easily bond with them. 

Australian shepherds tend to bark often. These dogs are energetic and physically very active. They can use barking as a weapon to get rid of something. They may also bark at anything slightly strange happening around them.

Aussies can tolerate both hot and cold weather really well.

Cold Weather Tolerability – Their thick fur makes it easy for them to bear the cold weather and an Australian shepherd also enjoys the cold weather.

Hot Weather Tolerability – These dogs have a thick fur plus a double layered coat that acts as an insulator for them in hot weather.

Very intelligent and trainable, Aussies are very easy to train as they use their quick-wit and intelligence to complete given tasks. Their intelligence makes them very trainable and fun at learning new tricks.

These are herding dogs and ranch dogs so without a doubt they need a lot of exercise and playtime. They are active, energetic and ever-ready to play or just run. Stamina strengthening exercises are a must for these dogs. 

The Aussies have a double layered coat and thick fur which requires daily brushing and getting rid of dead skin. In winters, the brushing can be done once in a week.

The Australian shepherd is not hypoallergenic. The thick furred pooch can cause dander related allergies for people sensitive to any allergies. 

Considering that these are very active working dogs the lifespan of Australian Shepherd is long and they can live as long as 13-15 years. 

The price for Australian shepherd in USA is $600 to $1000. In India it can range from 35,000-45,000.

“The Aussies have very interesting eyes. Their eyes may be brown, amber or crystal blue but it is not unusual to see this dog with one of a different color than the other (a condition is known as heterochromia iridium).”

About Australian ShepherdAbout Australian Shepherd

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The Australian shepherd, popularly known as the “Aussie” is a beautiful furred medium-sized dog breed. With a nice and thick furry coat, beautiful eyes, legs a little slimmer than the body an Aussie can be easily recognized.

This is a well-built, rustic dog. They have standing ears which are slightly rounded. Their coat is thick, medium textured a little wavy but soft. Also, the males have a mane and frill more pronounced than the females.

These dogs belong to the herding group and are very intelligent, energetic, playful and protective. They are strong and muscular and very suspicious of strangers. They stick to their herding nature and are great work dogs.

This dog loves to be busy. The Australian shepherd tends to be very excited and happy when they have a task at hand. Give them a problem and they will put all their might in solving it.

An Aussie will still behave like a puppy even when fully grown. They are just happy and playful like that. Even though a puppy at heart, these dogs make excellent and courageous watchdogs.

Their eyes are their best characteristic. The Australian shepherd has eyes of different colors. Some have the same color for both eyes while others have different colors for each eye.

These dogs are widely popular because of their playful and easy-going temperament. Intelligent, active, energetic, great watchdogs and very adorable an Aussie is the perfect dog for families.


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