Responsibilities of Owning A Dog

Responsibilities of Owning A Dog

Are you one of those who want to have a pet dog but have numerous questions bubbling in your head?

You are not the only one, we at dogisworld would love to help you with a detailed new dog checklist and answer some of your frequently asked questions like “should I get a dog?”, “what dog should I get?”, “What type of dog should I get?”, etc.

The first thing that you need to think is whether you should own a dog or not?

Owning a dog is not difficult but the responsibilities that come along with it are!

Dog as a Pet

Responsibilities of Owning A Dog

Dogs are the living form of stress busters.

Dogs would love you more than any other living creature.

As a pet, they would cuddle with you, sit with you at your bad times, lick you with love and also eat along with you (don’t consider this for real).

Apart from this, dogs are extremely smart and alert when it comes to being watchdogs and guarding dogs.

Dogs require more maintenance to that of the next preferred pet animals- cats.

This is due to their size and feeding requirements.

Overall, dog as a pet is a remarkable living thing to own and make it the best memory all your life. 

66% of American Households Own A Pet, That’s 86.9 Million Households!

“Should I get a Dog?”  

should i get a dog

Getting a dog is a great decision.

It is like adding a member to the family.

To get a dog, there are a lot of things one needs to consider:


Having a dog is having more expenses.

If you are someone who will not be able to meet the basic needs of your dog, do not adopt a puppy/dog and make it miserable for it as well as for yourself.


Adopting a dog is not just a matter of ownership.

You need to give your pet dog what it requires the most- your time and love.

If you are someone who has at least 3-4 hours a day to spend time with your tailed companion, you can welcome a dog home.


Just like humans, dogs too need space to live.

But some dogs would require more space than what humans would.

If you have an open house with plenty of space, you can own any dog be it tiny or massive.

But living in an apartment will disallow some dog breeds to live as per their nature.


I have seen many pet owners who get dogs home and treat them like unwanted animals.

This is the most sinful thing one can do as a human.

These dogs are to be your best friends and not slaves.

Get home a dog only and only if you are a DOG LOVER.

Experience the true love your dog will want to give.

“Should I get a dog if I work all day?”

working man's dog

Never get a dog to leave it back at home when you’re busy at work making money.

All dog types need wholesome love and time from their pet owners.

You make think of it as a dog who just needs food and toys to spend its time.

But what your dog would really need is you.

Remember, they will love you and not materialistic things.

Responsibilities Of Owning A Dog:

playing with your dog

The following are a few responsibilities one must commit to for owning a pet dog.

  •  Select a good breeder.
  •  Own a breed suiting to your lifestyle.
  •  Register your dog.
  •  Get the required documents and papers of legality.
  •  Make your house dog-friendly.
  •  Make a bed for the dog and a playing and feeding space.
  •  Let the dog adapt to your home.
  •  Give a name to your pet.
  •  Select a veterinarian.
  •  Vaccinate the dog according to its card schedule.
  •  Keep the dog clean and hygienic.
  •  Feed the dog with high nutritional food.
  •  Provide for fresh and clean drinking water.
  •  Housetrain the dog.
  •  Give the dog appropriate play and exercise daily.
  •  Groom the dog regularly.
  •  Observe health patterns.
  •  Observe the changing behavioral patterns.
  •  Give the dog what it requires.
  •  Let go when it’s time.

“What Type Of Dog Should I Get?”

what dog to get

The type of dog one requires depends upon the type of person you are and your past history with dogs.

Dogs are categorized on the basis of their activities, size, behavioral patterns, fur and skin texture, pedigree, etc.

The following are the types of dogs recognized by professionals

  • Companion Dogs:

Eg: Bulldog, Golden retriever, Labrador retriever, boxer

  • Guard Dogs:

Eg: German shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman, Bullmastiff 

  • Working Dogs:

Eg: Great Dane, St. Bernard, Alaskan malamute, Akita

  • Primitive Dogs:

Ex: Chow chow, Afghan hound, Basenji

  • Sled Dogs:

Siberian husky, Greenland dog, Chinook, Sakhalin husky

  • Hunting Dogs:

Eg: Beagle, an American foxhound, German shorthaired pointer

  • Turnspit Dogs:

Eg: Turnspit dog

  • Miscellaneous Dogs:

Eg: Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd

On selecting the type of dog, you can segregate them on the above factors.

“What Dog Should I Get?”

What Dog Should I Get

After getting to know the type of dog you require, you need to select a dog according to your preference.

This will depend upon the size suitable for you, your living climatic condition, dog’s physical requirements, etc.

If you live in an apartment, you should go for a compact size dog.

Someone like the Beagle or the Chihuahua.

If you live in a cold environment you can think of getting a breed tolerant to the climate. Someone like the Siberian husky.

If the requirement of the dog is high trainability then you can think of owning the Border collie who is considered the smartest dog breed in the world.

Getting Your First Dog:

first dog in the family

Getting your first dog can make you excited as well as nervous.

Your first time experience in dog-owning should keep you prepared for the consequences it will bring to you.

The following are some odd things you will experience after getting your first dog.

  • You will not be able to leave your house door open.
  • Get ready for a lot of cleaning, dogs shed.
  • Your dog’s barking noise will annoy you in the start. Get used to it.
  • Many guest /strangers will keep themselves away from your house.

You will have to keep all the factors in the mind before getting your first dog.

Also, certain breeds are not advisable for first-time dog owners.

Eg: Siberian husky, the Border collie.

After You Get Your Puppy:

after getting a puppy

So here you are, at your happy stage.

You have already got your bundle of joy home.

Whichever breed that you have selected, make it your everything.

Your daily routine should include:

  • Timely feeding
  • Timely taking excretory breaks for the dog
  • Timely exercise
  • Grooming and cleanliness
  • Providing for lots of water

Dog Owners Walk An Average Of 5 hours/Week, While People Without Dogs Walk Only 2 Hours 48 Minutes!

House For A Dog:

dog house

Most people also think of having a separate house for their pet dog.

House for a dog should be suitable for his size and living size.

A breed like the Doberman would not prefer a house that is meant for a Beagle and vice-versa.

A dog house should be warm, ventilated, comfortable and strong enough to hold the dog strong

However, many families do not consider buying a separate doghouse.

Rather they keep the dog free to sleep and stay around any part of the house.

So do you check all the boxes off the list?

Do you think we helped you get a clearer picture of what goes in owning or adopting a pet?

Let us know in the comment box below.



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