New Puppy Checklist – 30 Things You Need To Get


Got a New Pet? If Yes then it’s time to check this new puppy checklist out.

Do you know all things that you need before getting your little furry companion home?

If No, then you’re at the right place.

There are a whole lot of things you need in your new puppy checklist to make your new member feel welcome.

These new puppy care things range from small things like a chewing toy to a dog harness.

This new puppy checklist may feel overwhelming at a point, we know.

There will be a whole lot of people telling you all sort of things when it comes to bringing a puppy home. 

Listen to the people but be clear about what your dog needs because this is not a case of ‘one size, fits all.’

This is precisely what we’ve tried to achieve with this new puppy checklist.

From starting with puppy basic needs, we have covered all puppy necessities. 

By the end of this you might even know things, you wouldn’t have thought of until now.

Shall we begin with this new puppy checklist?

If yes, then start scrolling.

1. Dog Crate:   

Dog Crate

Dog Crate is an essential necessity before bringing a puppy home.

Essentially, all dogs need to be given crate training for ease of movement whenever there’s traveling involved with the dog. 

For a new puppy, it’s imperative to have something that contains him.

A dog crate exactly serves that purpose in this new puppy checklist.

2. Dog Toys:

Dog Toys

A puppy is highly energetic during his growing days.

There are certain getaways needed to channel this energy of your puppy.

This specific purpose is fulfilled by having dog toys around a puppy.

These dog toys will not only help in keeping your puppy busy but will also prove in the phase of teething/chewing.

All these make dog toys an essential part of our new puppy checklist.

3. Dog Leash:     

Dog Leash

We can’t stress this enough. A dog leash is a puppy basic need.

 Initially, a puppy has a wild temperament.

It’s only with proper dog training that we pet a dog to behave more appropriately to his surroundings.

Before all that, a dog leash is necessary to not let him do any dangerous acts like that of running behind a car and injuring himself in the process. 

A dog leash can be either a leather training one or a short dragline one having a length of around 4 to 6 feet.

4. Dog Collar:

Dog Collar

A dog collar is basically a material wrapped around the neck of a dog.

This serves the purpose of connecting the leash with the dog including helping in identification, medical information, and whatnot.

You don’t have to get too fancy with the dog collar.

A normal one will be good enough as most puppies grow out of theirs very quickly.

5. Pet Name Tags:

Pet Name Tags

Pet name tags are an essential part of the new puppy checklist as these are necessary for identification, in case of an emergency.

The pet name tags should definitely include his name and your phone number for contact.

Microchipping dogs is a new age method of pet name tags but it’s really helpful if your dog loses his collar.

6. Dog Food:

Pet Food

Honestly, we can have a separate article on the topic of pet food.

Pet Food is perhaps the most basic thing about our new puppy checklist as your dog won’t remain healthy without good pet food.

There are a number of food items that are eatable for humans but not for your dog.

There are a whole plethora of dog food brands in the market that make healthy, nutritious pet food, specifically for needs of the puppies.

7. Dog Eating Bowl:  

Dog Eating Bowl

A dog eating bowl is another item of the basic things in this new puppy checklist.

A simple, stainless steel dog eating bowl will do this job.

Why you shouldn’t get a cheaper plastic, or ceramic alternative?

The answer lies in the fact that those materials can later become a breeding ground for bacteria and all sorts of unwanted bacteria.

8. Dog Treats:

Dog Treats

Dog Treats are a necessary part of our new puppy checklist because of the variety of ways that you can use them with your dog.

The major use of dog treats is while you start dog training.

Dog treats work as positive reinforcements during this whole exercise.   

However, you have to be careful with the number of dog treats that you give to your dog as it carries the danger of giving extra calories to your dog.

9. Dog Shampoo:   

Dog Shampoo

Dog shampoo is another one of the basic parts of our new puppy checklist.

This is what you’ll use to bath your dog.

You can’t use the same human shampoo on him because that’ll cause damage to his skin.

There is a whole plethora of dog shampoo available for different dog breeds.

However if you wish, you can make a dog shampoo by yourself at home using DIY methods.

10. Dog Brush/Comb:

Dog Brush/Comb

A dog brush or dog comb is not a necessary part of our new puppy checklist but it’s a good luxury to have for your dog.

You can even use a human brush for an immediate reason but you have to handle it with care while operating on your dog.

A dog’s outer skin is very sensitive, it can easily get scratched and irritable under a harsh brushing in the absence of a dog brush.  

11. Anti-Chew Spray For Dogs:

Anti-Chew Spray For Dogs

Excessive chewing in dogs usually takes place when they are teething and have inflamed gums.

Anti-chew spray can be an essential deterrent in keeping your dog away from chewing away your personal belongings.

By spraying an anti-chew spray, you can directly steer away from your pet from anything that you don’t want him to bite.

12. Dog Stain/Dirt Remover:

Dog Stain/Dirt Remover

If you have a dog, you know the sheer amount of dirt that comes inside your house with him.

The usual suspects for getting permanent pet stains are your sofas and carpets.

Fortunately, there are a number of dog stain remover in the market which effectively does this job.

13. Nail Trimmer:  

Nail Trimmer

Dogs need nail care from time to time.

Untreated nails can easily cause damage to you or anyone else that gets into physical contact with him.

A nail trimmer will then be a handy addition to your new puppy checklist but make sure that it suits him and his nails.

Getting a nail trimmer from a known brand would be our choice.

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14. Dog Bed:

Dog Bed

A dog bed is a necessary item in a new puppy checklist for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, your dog needs a safe space to always retract back when he wants to.

Secondly, you should also try to limit the access areas of your dog to contain the mess made by a typical dog.

For this purpose, a dog bed will prove to be a great addition to your household.

If you want to, you can easily make a dog bed by yourself with pillows and sheets as there’s no urgent need to buy a new one from the market.

15. Dog Gates:

Dog Gates

Like a dog bed, dog gates are also a medium to limit the access areas of your dog.

You can get these dog gates installed pretty easily and it can later be used for other different purposes such as baby gates and whatnot.

A typical dog gate will cost somewhere around $20-$30 and it can prove to be a good investment as external reinforcement for your dog.

16. Dog Tick Control:

Dog Tick Control

Dog tick control is one of the most necessary parts of a new puppy checklist.

Dogs especially are particularly susceptible to having ticks on their bodies which can later lead to serious illnesses such as Lyme disease in dogs.

Some common dog tick control methods include tick repellent cream or having a tick collar on your dog.

You should definitely consult your vet before you start applying any dog tick control methods by yourself.

17. Dog Harness:

Dog Harness

If your dog is someone that’s highly energetic all the time and that is particularly visible during his walks then you might want to switch to a dog harness.  

A dog harness can prove to be a vital addition to your new puppy checklist as it reduces the chances of your dog getting an injury.

A Dog harness is particularly useful in controlling your dog much more effectively than by using a normal dog collar.

18. Dog Clicker:

Dog Clicker

There’s a specific branch of dog training commands that involves using a dog clicker.

The sound of a dog clicker is different than any other normal sound which makes it unique for the dog.

During training, the dog clicker sound is usually signaled when the dog obeys the orders and hence shown as positive reinforcement.

19. Pet Wipes:

 Pet Wipes

Pet wipes do a similar job to what baby wipes do to human babies.

There are a whole lot of things that you can do with pet wipes which include regular body dirt cleaning and cleaning small parts such as ear and nose.

Pet wipes can be substituted for bathing on some days but make sure you don’t stretch it for too long.

20. Dog Medicines:

Dog Medicines

We can’t stress this enough but you need to always keep dog medicines in your vicinity.

The main important point thing is that these dog medicines should be considered under a vet’s supervision only.

The essential dog medicines include Antibiotics, Antifungal, Steroids, and pain relievers.

21. Dog Poop Bags:

Dog Poop Bags

Dog poop is one dirty business to initiate and to end.

The latter part can be dangerous even as dogs have a tendency to consume their own feces leading to serious health conditions.

Fortunately, dog poop bags come as a rescue as they are very good at concealing the sight and smell of the dog poop.

These dog poop bags are easy to use and are reasonably priced in stores.

However, these are mostly plastic but new dog poop bags are coming in the market which is biodegradable as well.

22. Dog Kennel:

Dog Kennel

A dog kennel is like a home to your dog.

We have put this in our new puppy checklist as a dog kennel is beneficial for a variety of reasons.

Dog kennel can be a medium to house train a dog which is a very hard thing to do as a dog parent.

Secondly, it gives a comfortable and safe space for your dog to live and grow.

Another major advantage that a dog kennel gives is that it eases pet travel where you need to manage other important things besides looking after your dog. 

23. Dog Treat Pouch:

Dog Treat Pouch

This one is more like from personal experience but dog parents know how useful a dog treat pouch can be in daily life.

A simple, durable, closed container i.e., a dog treat pouch that is easily accessible can prove to be a blessing during dog walks and whatnot.

During training your dog as well, dog treat pouch can be very benefitting as treats are the driving force of any dog training command and you need to give those dog treats from time to time.

24. Dog Pooper Scooper:

Dog Pooper Scooper

Getting a new puppy means getting a baby that poops everywhere, basically.

So, as a responsible dog parent, you need to be ready to get rid of his wastes by a dog pooper scooper, whenever and wherever you see them.

A dog pooper scooper is particularly necessary as dogs tend to eat their own feces leading to serious dog illnesses.

Dog pooper scooper is easily available on the internet or in stores and could prove to be a handy little tool to keep your surroundings clean and healthy.

25. Dog Playpen: 

Dog Playpen

Dog playpen is sort of a bigger but an enclosed area for keeping your dog.

A normal-sized dog playpen can even enclose a grown human adult.

A dog playpen is beneficial in limiting the access of your dog as well as keeping an eye on him when you’re busy doing something else inside the house.

Remember while using a dog playpen, you shouldn’t be using it to isolate your pet every time as it will only lead to bad behavioral changes in the dog.

26. Dog Trainer:

Dog Trainer

As your new little puppy gets older, the time to train him starts.

Dog trainers are the professionals in this area to help make your furry little ball of energy turn to a more sociable pet.

However, many people tend to not go with a dog trainer and start dog training themselves.

Similarly, you can also opt for such a routine with your puppy after 3-4 months.

Although, you have to remember that it’s a long process and can become an extremely difficult one in the absence of an expert dog trainer.

27. Dog Food Container:

Dog Food Container

A dog food container is not an extremely vital thing to have on our new puppy checklist but it can’t either be ignored.

Keeping dog food fresh is of utmost importance and this is exactly what a dog food container helps in achieving.

If you don’t want to buy a dog food container right now, you can always use the packaging that comes with the dog food to keep it fresh for later.

28. Common Dog Places:

Common Dog Places

Socializing your pet in common dog places is one of the main responsibilities of a new dog parent.

That’s why we have put this in our new puppy checklist as without socializing at common dog places, it can later become very difficult for you to handle your dog.

By common dog places, we mean dog daycares and dog parks where your dog will get a chance to interact with other dogs.

In the course of interacting with other dogs, your dog will correct his temper a lot more as well as with enhanced social skills, become much more trainable in the future.

29. Veterinarian Contact:

Veterinarian Contact

Trust us, your vet is your biggest advisor when it comes to maintaining your relationship with your dog.

From making changes in his diet to any abnormal dog behavior, your first step should always be going with your veterinarian’s advice.

It goes without saying but having close contact with your vet will only help your dog live longer and avoid any serious dog diseases.

30. Pet Insurance:

Pet Insurance

Imagine having to choose between the cost of treatments and the health of your pet.

It certainly feels depressing and you might not believe it but this is far more real situation than you can imagine.

To not let such a situation happen to you, pet insurance can come as a savior.

Typical pet insurance covers medicines, additional treatment costs like X-rays and even costly treatments such as surgeries to name a few.

Pet insurance hence enables a dog parent to not have to choose one thing between financial stability and their dog’s health.  

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Do tell us if you’re getting a new pet for your new home.

And what new things you’re planning to get before you bring your four-legged companion, home?

As always you can reach to us in the comment section for anything and everything related to dogs.

Happy Petting To You Guys!



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