Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier

If you want a dog to stand out in the crowd, both in appearance and humor, Bull Terrier is what you need. Bull Terrier Dog that was originally bred as a fighting dog is now known as the clown of the canine kingdom.

Energetic and social, Bull Terrier is a perfect party animal. If “extroverted” had a soul-animal, this would be the one. They not only love making new friends but also enjoy chilling out with them. These dogs shower affection on all the members of the family especially children. So, if you want a company for your child, there can be none better than a Bull Terrier puppy.

Bull Terrier breed may look threatening due to their sturdy and muscular built, but they are the most sensitive and generous dog breeds.

Just like a boiled egg, hard on the outside, soft on the inside.

Interestingly, their head also resembles an egg. Another unique facial feature is their triangle-shaped eyes on a Roman nose. This dog with its distinguished features and an egg-shaped head is going to fill your life with affection and laughter.

Did you know ?
that Bull Terrier was bred to fight? They were known as ‘canine gladiators.’ Their terrier-like spirit and barbaric qualities of a Bull Dog would make them a perfect fighting pit dog. Thanks to the Humane Act of 1835 fighting and other blood sports were outlawed in England.
Charismatic much?
Introducing the Chandler Bing of the dog world!

Bull Terrier Pictures

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Quick Facts

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Average Height: 21 to 22 inches tall at the shoulders.

Average Weight: 35 to 75 Pounds.

Dog Group: Terrier

AKC Rank: 62

At a Glance

A medium-sized dog, Bull Terrier weight withers between 55lbs to 65lbs for male dogs and between 45lbs to 55lbs for Bull Terrier female.
Bull Terrier height is between 20 inches to 22 inches for male dogs and between 18 inches to 20 inches for Bull Terrier female at the shoulder.
However, there is also a Bull Terrier Miniature for a family that wants a compact version of the same humorous breed.

Bull Terrier lifespan is of 10 to 15 years. They are healthy and energetic. If brought up properly, they will keep your home happy and warm for a healthy span of fifteen years.

Bull Terrier is suitable for apartment living if you promise to stay by him. They score 4 out of 5 for being an apartment-friendly breed. Very affectionate and loving, he will always desire somebody around him. However, if you are out most of the day, then that would be a different story altogether. Lack of attention can make him destructive. That way, be ready to find ripped couches and garbage everywhere but the dustbin. Neighbors can complain about barking while you are away and your landlord may not be very happy with the damage.

Bull Terrier is a playful, tender, and affectionate family guy. He loves attention from everybody around him and is very protective of his family especially children. If you have a child at home, Bull Terrier might just become his best friend. It is one of the best dogs for kids. There is nothing much to do, just play all day, every day with your Bull Terrier dog and give him ample attention

Bull Terriers can be extremely friendly and jovial with other dogs of the same size as Golden Retriever, Labrador, Border Collie, and larger Spaniels, but they need early socialization. Unneutered males can sometimes become aggressive with other dogs. However, positive and supervised exposure to other canines at an early age can make them very well-behaved and friendly towards dogs and cats alike.

Bull Terrier does not bark a lot. The only time you will hear your Bull Terrier puppy bark when he either wants to play or he cannot see you around. Apart from that, he might bark if he smells something unusual or uncanny

Bull Terrier has a short coat which helps him tolerate warm weather. They happen to enjoy cold weather outings a lot but their short coat stands as a barrier. They cannot adapt to cold temperatures and will require a truckload of warm clothes during winters.

Terriers were bred to work independently without any human interference which makes Bull Terrier a difficult dog to train.  They are intelligent and strong-willed dogs. You cannot make him do anything if he doesn’t want to do it. To successfully train Bull Terrier you need to implement a fast-paced, fun, and creative technique that challenges his curiosity. Bull Terrier intelligence building and training can be a struggle for first-time owners and you would want to reconsider your decisions if you are one.

Bull Terriers are highly energetic dogs who love to play. They need daily exercise of at least an hour which includes walks with extra playtime and a good amount of mentally challenging games. There are a lot of exercises that you can do along with your Bull Terrier. They would love that game.


Bull Terrier has a short coat and does not require a lot of grooming. They just need a weekly brushing and an occasional bath. Anal cleaning is something you need to be frequent about to avoid the foul smell and anal gland infections which is common in this breed. Additionally, nail trimming and ear cleaning should be done when needed.

Bull Terrier is not hypoallergenic. Despite having a short coat, they shed and may produce allergens that can irritate you and instigate your allergies. However, this does not mean that people with allergies cannot adopt a Bull Terrier puppy. All you need to do is take extra efforts to groom him - frequent bathing and brushing especially during the shedding period can reduce allergens.

You should budget $2300 upwards for the Bull Terrier breed if you want a top breed line or superior pedigree. On average, a Bull Terrier price ranges from 1200 to 2000 USD.

About Bull Terriers>About Bull Terriers

About Bull Terriers

“The kid in a dog suit”, Bull Terriers are very friendly and active dogs who love to get into trouble. They are known for their distinct facial features. The Bull Terrier skull resembles an egg with a cute little Roman nose. The White Bull Terrier is most famous for a sparkling white coat with just a little black patch on the nose. Additionally, this is a breed with the most unique eye in the canine world. They are the only dog breeds to have triangle eyes that look intimidating along with pricked ears.

They are like a very nasty kid who is always up to some goof. They have a big-dog attitude and can be really innovative at times. Medium-sized dog breed, Bull Terrier weight fluctuates between 55lbs to 65lbs for male dogs and between 45lbs to 55lbs for Bull Terrier female.  Bull Terrier height is between 20 inches to 22 inches for male dogs and between 18 inches to 20 inches for Bull Terrier female at the shoulder. Interestingly, there is a Bull Terrier Miniature of this breed too, just in case you want the same Bull Terrier characteristics in a more compact doggo.

Bull Terrier is a busy dog and he will not enjoy being left alone for long a stretch of days. They are used to having active people around them who will not only encourage their energy but also be a part of their regular games. You have to keep enforcing house rules kindly but uniformly or they might just start making their own rules. If you are not confident about being a strict but kind dog-parent, you can think about adopting dog breeds fit for first-time owners.

Extremely zestful, you will need to streamline his energy into productive activity. Your pooch may resort to destructive means and develop “bad boy” habits if you don’t give a proper job to do. Do not let him get bored.
Bull Terriers are masters of their deeds, so it may get difficult to train them sometimes. However, they do well in the company of their favorite person and will obey every command that comes from them.

Bull Terrier is a terrier dog and like most of them, this breed also tends to get aggressive towards other dogs and animals. They are very protective of what they call their territory and may try to chase any unusual trespasser, strangers, and cats alike. This can also be one of the major reasons why they should not be left alone with a toddler. Early socialization and successful positive training from puppyhood can make them better-behaved.

Sadly, some states/cities have restrictions on the ownership of Bull Terrier. Cross-check your local laws before you adopt a Bull Terrier dog.

Apart from that be ready to enjoy a jovial and adventurous lifespan of Bull Terrier for 10 to 15 human years!


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