Doberman Pinscher

doberman pinscher

The beloved family companion and a suitable K-9 military dog.

Doberman pinscher also is known as the Doberman is a natural protecting dog with outstanding guarding history.

Many are mistaken it with the Miniature pinscher who is a similar-looking smaller version of the dog.

Blue, white and red Doberman pinschers are among the most adored dogs across the globe.

You must be thinking of questions like “Are Dobermans dangerous?”

But rejoice your choice over this breed that it is one of the kindest and gentlest dogs. 

Its muscular size with a docked tail makes it stand unique in the crowd. 

Quick Facts

Avg. Weight: 75-100 pounds (male) and 60-70 pounds (female)

Avg. Height: 26-28 inches (male) and 24-26 inches (female)

Life Expectancy: 10-12 years

Dog Group: Working dog group

Colors: black, red, blue, fawn

Other Names: Doberman, Dobie, Dober

Dog Rank: 17/193 (United States of America)

At A Glance

Doberman Pinscher
  • Size (4/5)

Doberman pinschers are medium-sized guard dogs.

They might be categorized as medium-sized dogs but they are tall enough to surpass normal human height when made to stand on the behind legs alone.

  • Affection Level (3/5)

A Doberman pinscher is a highly affectionate dog breed.

They would love being in the family they are raised in.

The affection is more with the person who brings the dog in the family.

The breed is a lovely pet to own. 

  • Apartment-Friendly (3/5)

You must think twice before getting a Doberman if you live in an apartment.

The dogs are tall and require a lot of exercises.

A bungalow with a fenced backyard will be best suited for them.

  • Cold Weather Tolerability (1/5)

Doberman pinschers are sensitive to cold weather.

Bitter cold can make them sick and there is a tendency that they might stop eating.

  • Hot Weather Tolerability (4/5)

The breed is tolerant to hot weather climate.

They prefer being raised in moderate climatic conditions.

The body of the dog breed is well suited to keep its body cool in summers.

Read our article on how to keep your dog cool in summer to know more about this.

  • Barking Tendencies (1/5)

The breed is generally judged for being large aggressive dogs.

On the contrary, they are observed to have a lesser barking tendency.

Making it a friendly dog to own.

  • Cat-Friendly (1/5)

Dobermans may be excellent in the house but not outside the house.

They can be cat-friendly only if raised together or trained to do so.

Otherwise, it’s advisable to keep cats away from the Dobie.

  • Dog-Friendly (1/5)

The breed is friendly with dogs when raised together right from puppyhood.

Dobermans dogs that are trained with other dogs show excellent teamwork abilities in police and military departments.

  • Exercise Needs (3/5)

This is one dog breed that requires a lot of exercises.

If left unexercised the dog will turn into a boring pet with unsuitable health conditions.

This feature of the breed has been beneficial for defense departments.

  • Grooming Needs (5/5)

This canine breed is blessed with a single coat that sticks to the body.

However short the body hair appears to be, it does shed.

As a Doberman pinscher owner, you must brush, bathe, nail trim and dental brush your dog regularly.

  • Playfulness (5/5)                                                                          

A Dobie is extremely playful and the happiest in doing this with its owner.

Their playful needs are quite high it physical or mental.

Playing with the ball being one of the most favorite games.

  • Trainability (5/5)

You will be pleased to know that your Doberman pinscher has received this honorary title of being among the most trainable dogs of all time.

Their training abilities along with breeds like the Rottweiler and the German shepherd have ranked them high in the list of top 10 police dogs.

  • Intelligence (5/5)

The rank itself talks about the breed’s intelligence.

This highly intelligent breed makes them a perfect dog to have.

They are all you need in the form of smart, active and loving companion dogs.

  • Mouthiness (2/5)

Dobies aren’t the dogs who would lick you or drool around the place.

However, some loving gestures can make your face the lick targets.

You can buy your dog some tasty treats and chews to avoid it from mouthy activities.

  • Price Group (3/5)

On average the breed will cost you about 1,500-2,000 dollars.

But the price brings you extreme loyalty and guarding watchdogs.

Don’t compromise on that!

Abo>About Doberman Pinschers

doberman puppies

Doberman pinscher puppies are born as tiny little miniatures weighing about 0.6-1.5 pounds.

Mostly born in a litter of 10 or more Doberman pinscher puppies, the dogs are loving black/blue/red newborns fortunate to see the world.

Generally, Doberman puppy owners are suggested to keep the pups at home most of the time to avoid allergies and other diseases.

The beloved family companion is all set to take the amazing journey of being protective dogs.


doberman pinscher adult

Aristocrat with the surreal noble look, an adult Doberman is someone who will force you to stand still and move your eyes while it walks on the road.

Doberman pinschers have the royal watchdog look that makes it unique from others.

An adult Doberman pinscher temperament is that of calm, intelligent watchdogs that are highly trainable.

They are blessed with a heavy but sleek body that comes in black, blue, red and fawn Doberman pinscher colors.

Whe>Where Doberman Pinschers Came From

pinscher germany

Let’s go back in the history that brought us to this wonderful breed officially named Doberman pinscher and just Doberman in some European countries.

Just like its fellow military dog German shepherd, the Dobermans too belong to originate from Germany.

The story goes back to the 1880s when a tax collector named Louis Doberman who was also a breed catcher bred a lot of dogs together including the German Pinscher, Rottweiler, black tan terrier and the largest contributor the German shepherd to have this one aristocrat dog breed.

The dog was used as a guard dog because the tax collector’s dog was dangerous enough to be attacked by the locals.

After the death of the man, the dog breed was named after him and the pinscher was added to it which means terrier in the German language.

Since then, the breed is recognized for its protecting and guarding abilities be it for the family or the nation (read their brave war story on protecting its people in the last section of the article).


dog size

Doberman pinscher grows to a full-size height of 28 inches to the shoulder level.

Female Dobes are smaller and thinner.

The size of these dogs is generally larger to other medium-sized dogs like the Bulldogs and Akitas.

Male Doberman pinscher can touch the mark of 100 pounds easily.

While females would settle for 60-70 pounds.


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