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Adult Kumaon Mastiff

Whenever you plan on trekking the Himalayas, people warn you about Yeti, bigfoot, etc. Here in Dog is World, we warn you about the Kumaon Mastiff, that is going to attack you with overloading cuteness and love.

Kumaon Mastiff, also called as Bulli, Himalayan Mastiff, and Cypro Kukur originates from the Hilly region of the Nanital district. They have extremely sharp senses and if they sense anything even slightly unusual, they tend to become alert! Looks like this breed does have “Unagi” like our dear Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S would say.

Watchdogs of the Kumaon Hill in Uttarakhand, it is considered one of the rare dog breeds in the world. Yes, that’s right, IN THE WORLD!!

Being on the verge of extinction, Kumaon Mastiff is now considered as an endangered species with less than 200 dogs in the entire country. The irony lies in the fact that even in Uttarakhand there are less than 50 Kumaon Mastiffs. Their history is very bizarre and mysterious as it is one of the oldest dog breeds in the country.

Did you know?
Kumaon Mastiff was brought to India by Alexander the Great during one of his expeditions.

Note: The motive of DogIsWorld is to promote the revival and adoption of the endangered Indian dog breeds by writing this article. The in-fur-mation on Kumaon Mastiff is very limited and we have tried to provide the accurate details.

Quick Facts

Kumaon Mastiff quick facts

Height: 21”-26”

Weight: 70KGs to 90KGs

Dog Group: Guard Dogs, Watchdog

KCI Ranking: N/A

At A Glance

The Kumaon Mastiff or Cypro Kukur is a Medium to Large Sized dog that is fairly muscular built in the front and lean towards the end. They have a powerful head and well-boned neck for support. The average weight of both Male and Female Kumaon Mastiff or Cypro Kukur would range from 80KGs to 90KGs.
The height of the Male Kumaon Mastiff withers between 23inches to 26inches, while the Female Kumaon Mastiff's height is between 21inches to 23inches.

The Kumaon Mastiff has an average lifespan between 10-12 years.

Whether you live in an individual flat, apartment or bungalow you would see that Kumaon Mastiff thrive on all spaces. If you are a working professional and you have to be away from your house for a while, this breed is pawfect for you!
When you go away, make sure you give them some or the other task so that they can engage themselves there.

Being a Guard dog, they were bred in order to guard their family members. They are extremely loyal to their family and are moderately friendly with strangers depending upon the training.
They have very sharp instincts and when they sense something even when slightly unusual, they tend to alert their hooman buddies.
As friendly and kind they are towards children, they can become aggressive and defensive when a child does not treat the pooch well (like pulling his tail or hitting him/her). So do warn your kids about the same.

Given the early socialization, they tend to be friendly with other animals as long as they do not sense danger. Keeping a small pet would not be much of an issue as long as Kumaon Mastiff is allowed to mind his/her own business.
Dogs, on the other hand, would become their best friend or “pack-mates” and they would enjoy it.

Kumaon Mastiff are rare borkers. Even when they are hungry or want to play, they would either come to you and drag you along. The only time they would bark is if they sense something unusual or fishy.
Beware when there is a crow or a pigeon, Kumaon Mastiff might think someone has come to play with them and they would immediately start getting happy and move towards them.

Indie Breeds in general have a high weather tolerance. Kumaon Mastiff has extremely high weather tolerance. Bred in the hilly parts of Uttarakhand, they are used to the harsh heat and the cold weather. They are very adaptable and you do not need to worry about adjusting them according to the temperature.
Although, providing them with a lot of water is beneficial for their health as they tend to get dehydrated easily.

Although Kumaon Mastiff are highly intelligent, training them could be pretty hard. They are stubborn and they need training right from an early age in order for you give the proper and right training.
This breed is not recommended for fur-st time dog owners as they might not be able to give the proper training. If you still consider taking this breed, asking help from someone who is experienced will surely make things easier.

Kumaon Mastiff do not have high exercise needs as they were bred as a watchdog/guard dog. A one-hour play in the evening should usually suffice.
As a puppy, Kumaon mastiff might be slightly more energetic and jumpier! As they start growing older, their energy level decreases.
A senior dog might not even want to play much. A stroll in the evening with a little bit of running here and there should be sufficient.

Unlike the other Indie dogs who usually do not need much grooming, Kumaon Mastiff requires a little more. Since they are not high on energy, they do not tend to get dirty much but might carry a lot of dust around them.
So, make sure you brush them twice a week with an occasional shower to keep them clean, odorless, and dirt-free.
Just like we brush our mouth, regular teeth brushing of your Kumaon Mastiff is a must. This helps a pet avoid tooth decay and foul mouth which is beneficial for them in a long run. Along with that, Ear, Mouth, and anal cleaning should be done frequently.

Due to the short and soft coat, Kumaon Mastiff is not Hypoallergenic. Although since it is impossible to that all dog breeds are 100% hypoallergenic, there are cases where they can be carrying allergies around that might affect you.
If you give your mastiff special attention while giving them a bath and brush, I am sure it would not affect you much.

Kumaon Mastiff's price in India varies across the country. Due to their rarity in the country, their price has increased by ten folds.
Their price varies from 60,000 to even 100,000 if you buy them from a breeder. Since Kumaon Mastiff is not widely available in India, you might find them more in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.
The breeders are usually not to be trusted as they end up giving a mixed breed sometimes. Do have an authenticity check before getting one.
Although, adopting one would be better as you get to travel and at the same time you give life to a homeless, endangered furry friend 😉

About Kumaon Mastiff

Kumaon Mastiff and Great Dane

Distantly resembling the old Great Dane, Kumaon Mastiff has been a vigilant watchdog and a guard dog of the Nanital district. Being the complete powerhouse, Kuman Mastiff has managed to scare off all the wild animals that are present in is vicinity. 

Our Himalayan Mastiff is a medium sized breed with a short coat and a smooth texture. Their weight ranges from 80KGs to 90KGs for both male and female breeds.

Their height towers between 23 inches to 26 inches for the male and 21inches to 23 inches for the female breed.

Kumaon Mastiff has a very similar appearance in the upper torso to that of an English Mastiff. They have sturdy legs with a football looking head on which a medium sized muzzle is fitted. The overall lean muscular body makes them the hunk or macho of the dog world for all the female dogs to drool upon.

This large dog with acute senses and boldness was known to guard villages around the Kumaon Hills. Hunting wild animals and the trespassers, they developed the stubborn attitude that is still inherited within them still making them vigilant.

Kumaon Mastiff are extremely loyal to their family members and are friendly towards strangers as well (as long as they do not have any alarming signals). If you have children, this furry friend of ours is going to treat them as their little brothers and protect them with utmost care.

The temperament of our Mastiff friend is chilled out and relaxed. They just need one hour of play-time and they would not give you much trouble. If at all you are working, it is not going to be a problem to leave your pooch behind (as long as they have some work to do). Boredom could result in anxiety and depression as they are very sensitive.

Did you Know?
Kumaon Mastiff is considered as one of the strongest Indian Breed. They have enough strength to even fend off Tigers, Lions, and other large animals.


History of kumaon Mastiff

The history of Kumaon mastiff is very bizarre and erratic. The most relevant information regarding this breed is that, it was brought over to India from Cyprus (which is now a country in Middle East) where the Indian tribesmen bred them.

In 300BC, Alexander the Great ad brought over this breed from Cyprus to India during one of his expeditions. The Nanital district used this breed extensively for their wars against the Mughals.

The Kumaon Mastiff dogs were used in a large pack to hunt down various predators who barged in the Kumaon Hills which was the tribal area. This was the reason, where even Begum Khan, Mughal emperor Akbar’s general used this breed while capturing the northern part of India.

Now this breed is on the verge of extinction and has become one of the most vulnerable breeds in the country. Even though this is the case, the breed has not been registered anywhere in the Kennel clubs.

Did You Know?
After the fierce battle of Panipat, the Mughals were on a high to capture the surrounding places too. When they wanted to set up a fort in Nanital district, they especially asked for the Kumaon Mastiff dogs for their protection instead of their own generals.

Facts Theatre

Parenting Guide and Care

Training a Kumaon Mastiff

1. Hello, Hi and How do you do!

Kumaon Mastiff dog breeds are not very aggressive but can shy away from strangers thus considering them as threats. Socialize them at an early age so that they get acquainted to different sounds, living and non-living things.

2. Sitting home all day and no play makes Himalayan Sheepdog a bad boi!

Being an independent breed, Kumaon Mastiff needs a little less care in general. So, if you go to the office and work late hours, it is okay to leave your pooch home alone as long as you give them some of the other work to do.

3. It is the leash-t you can do

Bred by tribes in the Himalayan region to protect their masters against predators, they are left loose and without a leash in general. So, if you want to put a leash on this pooch, you must start at a very early age after he gets acquainted with you.
Even if you do not put on a leash, it would not be an issue as they are friendly and would not disrupt things in their surroundings when you take them for a walk/jog.

4. Is this your fur-st time?

This breed is definitely NOT for first-time dog owners. Training them to be a perfect snuggle partner is extremely important for them to turn out and be a good boi.
If you still insist on getting this breed as your first pet, go ahead and ask help from an experienced dog owner on the “woofs and butts” about your breed. 

5. Paw-fect weather Adaptability across India

Having the bloodline from the Himalayan region of the Kumaon Hills, Kumaon Mastiff can be accustomed to the chilliest weather or the most humid and arid regions too! They are one of the most perfect breeds for any household.
However, one drawback is that, if at all you stay in a place where the temperature goes quite low (10ºC or less) make sure you give them a little more playtime than required, or else they might get lazy and end up sleeping all day.

6. Lou of your Life!

Kumaon Mastiff is very loyal and caring towards everyone but especially its family members. They tend to get attached a lot to their family close family members and are very possessive about them. If at all you plan on “play-fight” with others make sure the other person is well-acquainted with your pooch or they might get attacked.
So, beware if you pet any other dog. You would not be getting cuddles and licks for the next couple of days!

7. Allergy-free, pocket-friendly

With its short-coat and soft fur, Kumaon Mastiff is hypo-allergic. Obviously, none of the dogs is 100% allergic free but with regular brushing and showering, this issue can be solved if it ever arises.
The best part is that they are even pocket-friendly! Just like the Kumaon Mastiff does not shed hair, you do not have to shed money. Clipping of nails often, with regular cleaning of ears nose and anal is all that they require.

Kumaon Mastiff Temperament and Personality

Kumaon Mastiff with a baby

An untrained Kumaon Mastiff can be compared to that of a Great Dane when it comes to their temperament and attitude. A Great Dane is ruthless and aggressive when it comes to protecting their owners and similarly, Kumaon Mastiff is also the same if left untrained.

They have a warrior like spirit which is not easy to tame. Being extremely loyal to their family, they will strive to paw-tect their family members from any harm that may arise. Shifting of one house to another might make them depressed and anxious. So, if at all you have reasons to move from one house to another, that might not work well with this breed.

They work very well with Adults, young adults and children. Therefore, there is no worry if you have a child at home as this pooch will take good care of them. Socializing them at an early age will lead them to be friendlier with other pets and hoomans you meet on the streets.

Leaving this breed alone in the house should not be an issue at all. Make sure that if at all you are going to be home late, give them some or the other work to do. Kumaon Mastiff gets destructive when it is too bored. It might end up chewing up clothes that are around or might even end up tearing the cushion of your couch and bed.

They are ideal and compatible with almost all pets. If you have a different pet dog at home, leaving these two alone would not be an issue as long as the other one is friendly. If at all you have two of the Kumaon Mastiff dogs, you have found its pack mate! They will become the best of friends and you might not worry about anything once you go out.

Kumaon Mastiff puppies are very shy at first until they get attached to their “hooman”. Once they get attached, make sure you give them enough support mentally and physically. They are pretty sensitive and need enough care and attention at first.

While training this breed, make sure you give away a lot of paw-sitive reinforcements and make them feel special. This will help you get through a lot of things easily. Although, if at all you make them feel “un-furthy” they might feel depressed and might not be able to give their best shot the next time.

Note: There are a lot of Indie dog breeds that have been abandoned and they need our help for shelter. These breeds will definitely be a loyal companion to your family and they will be thankful to you fur-ever for taking them in.

Did you know?
Kumaon Mastiff was introduced in Finland and Italy during the late 19th century and to date, they have Kumaon Mastiff as pets in large number. Whereas, in India they are now an endangered dog species!!

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Colors and Grooming

Indie Dogs are very pocket friendly and do not require much grooming in general. Kumaon Mastiff has a very short and soft coat which barely sheds. They shed their hair twice a year usually during spring and fall.

Kumaon Mastiff gets dirty often so brushing them twice a week thoroughly along with showring every alternate day is a must. Go easy on their brushing as excessive brushing can lead to skin injury for this breed.

Just like how we brush our teeth, Kumaon Mastiff needs regular teeth brushing to void tooth decay when they grow old. Along with this, Ear cleaning and Anal cleaning must be followed up regularly.

While taking care of your pet, make sure you use a vet-approved toothpaste for good smell and strong teeth. Also, beware while buying shampoos and conditioners as it could be allergic to the breed. Get it approved by your vet before buying anything as you never know the harm it can cause.

Feeding A Kumaon Mastiff Dog

Kumaon Mastiff puppies

Kumaon Mastiff is a large dog breed and they require a proper meal management. Indie dogs are usually okay with being fed local food and Kumaon Mastiff dogs were bred in Himalayan region.

So, the best diet that is recommended by dogisworld is rice, chicken, chapati/roti and pulses (without garlic, chili, and onion). They contain all the nutrition that is good enough for your breed to be healthy and live vicariously.

A) Puppy (3 months to 14 months)

A Kumaon Mastiff puppy would require 4 to 5 servings per day. The servings must contain equal amount of carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, fibers and vitamins.

Being a puppy, do not overfeed the breed and take recommendations from your vet before starting with the diet. You can feed 4 servings or even 6 servings depending upon the energy and activity level.

B) Adult (14 months to 5 years)

An adult Kumaon Mastiff requires 3 to 4 servings per day. Providing dry food with high nutrition would be the best.
Although, serving pulses, rice and chapati will be perfect too! Being a Himalayan Sheepdog, this breed requires chicken in its diet for the proteins. Giving them 1 boiled egg along with 100gms of chicken a day which is included in your diet will be as nutritious as a dog food.

Giving them vegetables and fruits will be a bonus. Although, be aware of the toxic foods that can be lethal for a dog before providing one.

C) Senior Dog (9 years and above)

When your dog is getting older, you make sure you reduce the food intake to 3 servings per day as the exercise needs are not much.
We do not want our pooch to be overfed, do we?
So when you are continuing the diet of a Senior Kumaon Mastiff dog, look for signs of obesity. If you do notice, immediately take your pooch to your vet and request for a change of diet.
Do not change the diet so suddenly as they might not be able to take it. Do it slowly and steadily over a week or two.

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Did you know?
BLoating amongst dogs is very serious. It is a condition where there is air being built up in the stomach of a dog which can be fatal.

Health and Vaccination

Kumaon Mastiff in a garden

Kumaon Mastiff is a healthy breed and it is suitable for almost all climates. This makes them one of the most versatile Indian breeds. Although, there are few problems that arise amongst most of the Mastiff which we must be aware of and be prepared for the battle “if” it ever occurs.

1. Hip Dysplasia

Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD) is one of the most common, severe conditions developed in large breeds. If left unnoticed, this could develop to severe pain in the joints for the dogs, joint inflammation and sometimes can even lead to arthritis.

One of the leading causes for CHD is genetics. Improper nutrition, sudden growth of weight, and irregular exercise (sometimes over exercising) can be a pre-disposition.

Some of the dogs can even develop hip Dysplasia at the age of four months! Some of the symptoms are:

  • Decreased activities
  • Stiffness and pain
  • Sudden loss of thigh muscle
  • Difficulty in jumping, running or climbing stairs
  • “Bunny Hopping” gait

Changing the lifestyle of your pooch is one of the best methods for curing Hip Dysplasia but it can even lead to surgery if necessary. Few of the measures to be taken are:

  • Weight reduction to reduce the stress on the hip
  • Exercising on soft grounds in moderate manner
  • Physical therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory medications

2. Cherry Eye

Cherry eye is a condition where a dog might develop a prolapsed gland of the third eye lid (Yes, dogs have three eyelids). It is not a very severe condition in general but it might aggravate if left untreated. It is not a very life-threatening condition but it is definitely very irritating for the canines.

There are many causes for Cherry eye, although the most common causes for cherry eye are; Bacterial infection (most common if eyes are not cleaned often), parasites, fungal infections and low immune system. In the worst and rare scenarios, it could also mean cancer.

The symptoms for cherry eye are rather easy to figure out (unless you are not paying enough attention to your canine.)

  • Squinting continuously
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Pawing eyes fiercely
  • Rotting of eyes (it changes to black color)
  • Excessive tear production

The main goal for treating is to reposition the tear gland to the proper place where it actually belongs to. The treatments range from antibiotic ointments to surgery depending on the severity. Although, most of the treatments have to surgical if the third eyelid has to be placed back.

  • Ointments to avoid abnormal discharge and leaking
  • Antibiotics to minimize the irritation in the eyes
  • Surgery to replace the eyelid

Did you know?
As strong and terrifying as it may look, Kumaon Mastiff is very scared of needles. It is always best to distract them while getting them injected

Canine Parvovirus is one of the main vaccinations that one must give to a Kumaon Mastiff. Also, Canine Distemper must be given 5 times from the age of 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16weeks respectively. A deworming Vaccination plan is a must for your pooch which you can ask from your vet.  There is a detailed vaccination guide on our website that I would suggest you to read so that you understand everything thoroughly before you get your dog a vaccination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, Indie breeds do not require much maintenance. They are very pocket-friendly and their grooming needs can be matched at home itself.

Kumaon Mastiff is a very rare breed in India, so be careful before you “adopt” one. Yes, adopt! Living in India, there is no point in buying an Indian breed. The breeders will give away an over-priced rate which in the end will make no sense.
They are very rare but you can try contacting the Uttarakhand Animal Welfare Organizations and they will surely help you with the same.

Kumaon Mastiff is very similar to that of an old Great Dane and resembles closely to Bully Kutta. The distinct feature that will make you identify them is that they are available only in Brindle and they are much larger than a Bully kutta in general.

Similar Breeds

Bully Kutta

English Mastiff

Bull Mastiff

Indian Pariah Dog


This was all about the Kumaon Mastiff dog! The research on this breed was very limited and there is a lot more we have yet to discover about Kumaon Mastiff. 

If anybody owns a Kumaon Mastiff, do let us know in the comments below on how your first-hand experience was in handling them. Also, if you do have any queries do let us know and we will provide you with the best solution that we could can up with.

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