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Saint bernard dog facts

For humans, anything that is ‘huge’ is instinctively considered to be dangerous or scary. When the ‘huge’ refers to an animal it becomes scarier. One such huge animal is our topic of interest in this article.

The huge animal we are talking about is a famous dog breed named, the Saint Bernard or St. Bernard. Big in every way possible, the Saint Bernard is actually like a giant and alive teddy bear.

This breed is mistaken for its size to be scary and “too big to be true”. The St. Bernard grows very huge in size but is an absolute sweetheart. Thinking of bringing this calm beast into your home and life?
Read along and get to know this big dog better and whether you can provide them the right environment.

St. Bernard Dogs have starred in a Hollywood movie Series called “Bethoven”

Saint B>Saint Bernard Facts

Weight: Male: (140-180 pounds), Female: (120-140 pounds)

Height: Male: (27-35 inches), Female: (25–31 inches)

Life Expectancy: 8-10 years

Dog Group: Mastiff, Working

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At A Glan>At A Glance

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A very large working breed, the Saint Bernard looks like a giant teddy bear. This four-legged living teddy is highly mistaken to be dangerous but is very calm indeed.

This breed is widely popular due to its enormous size. The Saint Bernards can grow really tall, up to 4 or 5 feet and weigh around 64 to 70 kg. They are huge and heavy but cute like a teddy.

They have a thick furry coat which can be either be soft or rough. The soft coat can be coarse and flat while the rough coat is flat and dense. They have a long, heavy and bushy tail.

Not suitable for the apartment living lifestyle the St. Bernard requires a lot of space (as they occupy a big amount of space in the house and your heart). They need a big backyard or front garden or a house with typically less furniture and more free space.

With their humans, they are just the best. They love being around humans and are especially great with small babies and children. They are happy and cheerful living beings and also great protectors of their loved ones.

They are also good with other pets, if you have any. They love having someone around to play with or just lie around. Training these dogs can be quite a task because they can be lazy and adamant when training.


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